Lorine's cabin water lily


Study Units

Middle School Study Unit

The objective of this unit is to introduce the poetry of Lorine Niedecker to middle school classes and middle grade educational groups. Students will read three Lorine Niedecker poems that focus attention on the natural world. Students will be expected to discuss all of the three poems and are encouraged to explore further the flora and fauna that Lorine exhibited in her poetry. Finally, the students will be given the opportunity for a nature walk in their local community.

High School Study Unit

High School Study Unit Evaluation

The intent of this unit is to provide students in a twentieth-century literature class with an awareness of who Lorine Niedecker was as a woman and poet. Students will read about the life of Niedecker, the beliefs of the Objectivist poetry movement, and experience watching a short video of Blackhawk Island with a poem read aloud. After the short unit students should have a written paper applying some of the ideas of the Objectivist poets to poems written by Lorine Niedecker.

The study unit is designed to meet the following criteria:

  • It is appropriate for general high school students.
  • It complies with Wisconsin's Academic Standards for Reading/Literature at the twelfth grade level.
  • The unit can be rolled into a larger unit on 20th century poetry, Wisconsin writers, or general poetry. It can encompass at least 2 40-minute teaching periods.

Lesson One: Introduction to Niedecker and the Objectivists Lesson Two: Biographical Poetry Lesson Three: Objectivist and Political Poetry

Additional Materials: