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Author: John Addington Symonds
Title: Renaissance in Italy
Publisher: Capricorn Books, N.Y.
Year of Publication: 1961
Type of document: Book

Notes: pp. 3-4: The paragraph beginning "The speech of the Italians at that epoch" is bracketed from there up to the sentence ending "... but which remain so rich in masterpieces."

Later there are defective pages which were not opened when the book was trimmed, and they have not been opened by any reader.

pp. 312-313: The paragraph beginning "We are hardly able to appreciate the 'Last Judgment..." and ending "'... the rest of the wortldf is seized with fear and goes mad'" is bracketed.

On last page of book: "312-313 Michelangelo Stendhal."

Date last updated: 11/16/10

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