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Author: Harold Stewart
Title: A Net of Fireflies
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Company
Place of Publication: Rutland, Vermont
Year of Publication: 1960
Type of document: Book

Notes: Papers tucked into the front of the book.

First is an anniversary card signed, "Love, Julie, Gene, Bonnie". Notes written on first fold,
"Living Legend
'Now long ago there lived a wicked witch...' The withered pampas grass begins to twitch![?] -Issa"
[Dividing line]
New Year's Day
On New Year's Day, the sky has cleared
and leaves
chattering sparrow-gossip
in the eaves
[Note upside-down]
All this gone
[word crossed out] over--
some copied 0"

On another fold, a series of math problems: "9x12=108", "90+18=108", "90x3=270", "30x3=90", "40x2=80+30=110"

On another fold:
"The Poetry of Takuboku
by H.H. Honda
T. said "Poetry must not be so-called poetry. It must be accurate reports, and honest diaries relating happenings in the author's emotional life. Poems, therefore, should not be thorough and complete, but piecemeal and fragmentary."
Autumn loneliness: a cricket grieves
This evening in the scarecrow's ragged sleeves."

On Last fold,
Harold Steward, Australian"
Last Signature

The moon has shown its selfless light to me;
As for this world,
I am


The host said not a word. The guest was distant.
And silent too, the white chrysanthemum.

Befoe this perfect white inviolate
Chrysanthemum--the scissors hesitate!

On the back of a Birthday card, signed, "Julie, Gene & Bonnie":
"18x50=900", "Write Clark of Harvard"

On other fold:
"Next week
Biography of Literaria
construction paper
red & blue
or red & blue
gift paper"

Birthday card tucked in by p. 110 signed, "George, Alice, Kathy & Mike

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