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Title: Lamb's tales from Shakespeare
Publisher: Hurst
Type of document: Book

Notes: On first page: From Mrs. Bowen - 1918.

Bottom of page 77: "1380 word."

p. 79 Marks in the margin for the line "who had the art of covering treacherous purposes with smiles"

pp. 80-81: Lines in pencil between four lines of the text, apparently unrelated to anything.

p. 83: Bracket and question mark in margin for: "From the Fleance descended a race of monarchs who afterwards filled the Scottish throne, ending with James the Sixth of Scotland and the First of England, under whom the two crowns of England and Scotland were united."

p. 84: "with distracted words" is underlined.
p. 85: Bracket and question mark for: "... he called Macbeth by name, and bid him beware of the thane of Fife; for which caution Macbeth thanked him...."

p. 86: Bracket and underlined re. "... he began to envy the condition of Duncan, whom he had murdered, who slept soundly in his grave...."

p. 87: Another apparent random line at: "should come to Dunsinane: and now...."

p. 88: Underlining re. "... in which Macbeth though feebly supported by those who called themselves his friends...," with "men [illegible ?] him" in margin.

p. 89: Question mark and bracket in margin for the paragraph beginning "'Accursed be the tongue which tells me so," said the trembling Macbeth...." In bottom margin: "convulsive-action self-delusion (?) self-abuse."

p. 347: In bottom margin: "67 minus 7 equals 60. 1623 she died minus 7 equals 1616 died minus 60 equals 1556 born."

Date last updated: 10/01/15

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