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Author: Albert Schweitzer
Title: Out of my life and thought
Publisher: New American Library, N.Y.
Year of Publication: 1953
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. 54: Check mark in margin near "at Bayreuth in the 'Black Horse Inn'...."

p. 55: X in margin near: "Music appeals to the creative imagination of the hearer, and endeavors to kindle into life in it the emotional experiences and the visions from which it came into being itself."

p. 171: Mark in margin near: "By the spirit of the age, then, the man of today is forced into skepticism about his own thinking, in order to make him receptive to truth which comes to him from authority."

p. 172: Notes in top and side margin: "Pressure to conformity has resulted in spiritual weakness and scepticism." "?? - argument too absolute: a fallacy in condemnation of [illegible]." "The modern man" is bracketed and underlined, "who?" in margin pointed to it.

p. 177: Bracketed: "The truth of a view of the world must be proved by the fact that the spiritual relation to life and the universe into which that view brings us makes us into inward men with an active ethic."

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