Lorine's cabin water lily

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Author: Payne Robert
Title: The white pony
Publisher: Day
Year of Publication: 1947
Type of document: Book

Notes: Tucked between the front cover and the first page is an October, 1956, magazine article by Doo Soo Suh entitled "The Korean Mind: As Revealed Through Classical Poems. On it in green ink, apparently directed to LN, is this note: "I found this when I was clipping some magazines - I thought you might enjoyh it for your collection." Comment on one of the poems quoted in the text: "wonderful." The line "The delight of a mountain hermit?" has "or a bachelor lady?" behind it. Accompanying it is a 1957 New Directions pamphlet entitled Six Poems, containing brief pieces by Dudley Fitts, Kenneth Rexroth, Robert Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, and Ezra Pound.

On last page of text: "p. 267." This may refer to discussion of the poem "The Everlasting Sorrow" by Po Chu-i.

Date last updated: 11/16/10

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