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Author: Pierre Lecomte du Nouy
Title: Human destiny
Publisher: New American Library
Year of Publication: 1947
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. 70: The entire paragraph "The Pre-Cambrian sandworms were probably not very different from those of our shores. Their adaptation was remarkable and very superior to that of man. Having attained equilibrium, living under only slightly changed conditions, they had no reason to transform themselves further, and they have subsisted almost without a change for hundreds of millions of years. One of these worms, however, continued to evolve because it was less well adapted than the others, and probably possessed a kind of instability which did not constitute an advantage at that time, but was conducive to still greater changes and could be called "creative instability." We must naturally not be taken in by this expression. Instability is not in itself creative, but express the aptitude to evolve. This worm, less perfect as worm, may have been our ancestor." is marked in the margin.

p. 78: The sentence "Evolution continues in our time, no longer on the physiological or anatomical plane but on the spiritual and moral plane." at the start of the last paragraph on the page is marked in the margin.

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