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Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Title: Basic writings of America's saga
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year of Publication: 1947
Type of document: Book

Notes: Paper clip on page 165-166. Near "An Addrerss" delivered before a senior class in divinity college, this note: "4 months after leaving ministry." In first sentence of address the word "refulgent" is underlined.

p. 166: Underlines "The sentiment of virtue is a reverence and delight in the presence of certain divine laws." Nearby: "religion." In margin: "[illlegible] relationhip to inanimate [illegible]."

p. 167: "vitiate" underlined. "Corrupt, weaken" written between lines.

pp. 168-169: In margin at top of page: "Reason is highest faculty of soul - power [illegible] we apprehend truth immediately without calculation & proof." "Understanding - everyday truth - intellectual [illegible] varying degrees when reason - deepest truths - is perfect - [illegible]." "Depressing" written next to "privative" at top of page. "god [illegible]" next to word "deifying" in second complete paragraph on page. "Blessing" next to the word "beatitude." The word "Reason" is underlined. "Correctness" in margin next to "rectitude."

p. 170: "Tropes" underlined in last paragraph on page, with illegible note.

p. 171: Star (*) in top margin next to sentence: "It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain." In sentence "The soul knows no persons" "knows no" is underlined.

p. 172: Star next to, and parts of this sentence are underlined: "To aim to convert a man by miracles is a profanation of the soul."

p. 173 "Coeval" is circled; in margins: "contemporaneous" and "of same age."

p. 177 Portions of sentence underlined: "...out of memory, and not out of the soul" and "historical Christianity destroys the power of preaching, by withdrawing it from the exploration of the moral nature of man...".

p. 178: "degrading the character of Jesus" is underlined.

p. 179: First seven lines of last paragraph on page (beginning "Yourself a newborn bard...") are marked in the margin.

Date last updated: 11/17/15

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