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Author: W.J. Turner
Title: Mozart, the man and his works
Publisher: Doubleday
Year of Publication: 1938
Type of document: Book

Notes: Notation on last page of book: "21, 31, 34, 39 [underlined], 55 [underlined], 99, 114 [with ? following]."

p. 45: "8 yrs." is written in pencil in space above a letter dated August 9, 1764.

p. 55: "7 yrs." is written in space following the date: October 14, 1763.

pp. 99: "14 yrs." is written in space before the date "April 14, 1770."

p. 182: The first seven lines of the paragraph beginning "I beg you to write soon to the poor Mysliweczek..." are marked in the margin.

p. 374: The following item in the appendix is marked: "525 Eine kleine Nachtmuik 1787."

Date last updated: 11/16/10

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