Lorine's cabin water lily

Resource information

Author: Ezra Pound
Title: Active anthology
Publisher: Faber
Year of Publication: 1933
Type of document: Book

Notes: "Lorine Niedecker" on first page.

p. 112: In line 27 of Zukofsky's "Poem Beginning 'The'," the word "wraithless" is corrected in pencil to "wrathless."

p. 144: "Lads' and Lasses'" in the excerpt from Zukofsky's poem "A" is corrected in pencil to "Lads' and lasses'."

p. 153: After word "bro" in Zukofsky's poem "Seventh Movement," an apostrophe is corrected to a comma.

Date last updated: 11/16/10

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