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Author: Georg Brandes
Title: Jesus, a myth
Publisher: Albert & Charles Boni
Place of Publication: New York
Year of Publication: 1926
Type of document: Book

Notes: "L. Niedecker '26" in ink at top of first page.

p. 40: "Iphigenia" is underlined.

p. 41: An "X" near the sentence: "The cult of the Syrian god Attis had in common with Christianity the cleansing of the soul by the shedding of blood." An exclamation point and question mark in margin near the end of "No one any longer regards the Gospel according to John as documentary evidence of historical facts. It is pure symbolism, pure theology."

p. 71: The paragraph beginning "Later the common people's curiosity..." may be marked near the beginning and end of it.

p. 73: Near third line on page: "Corinthians" is written in pencil in the margin. "Attis" seems to be check marked at start of final paragraph on page.

p. 85: These lines are marked: "A logical way of finding what is really historic would be to start eliminating what cannot possible be held such, and then see what remains. It is to be feared that the outcome would be the same as when Peer Gynt began...."

p. 119: The paragraph beginning "In Genesis already, work was regarded as a curse..." and ending "... which neither sow nor reap, and yet are fed and clothed by their heavenly father" is marked in the margin.

p. 184: The following sentence is marked in the margin: "In addition, their many beautiful stories and parables have for many centuries brought inspiration to poetry, painting, sculpture, and music."

Notations on blank page near back of book:

"bribe into betraying
to bring home -"

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