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Author: Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) Aldington
Title: Heliodora and other poems
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin and Co.
Place of Publication: Boston
Year of Publication: 1924
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. 11: X at top of page, marks in margin near lines:

to mould a clear
and frigid statue;

rare, of pure texture,
beautiful space and line,
marble to grace
your inaccessible shrine.

p. 18: X at top of page, poem is "Heliodora."

p. 25: X at top of page, poem is "Nossis."

p. 33: Second stanza in poem "Thetis" is bracketed in margin. The entire stanza of same poem at top of page 34 is also bracketed. On p. 36, the line "I, Thetis, alone" is marked.

p. 39: These lines in "At Ithaca" are marked in margin:

... and the sea
takes on that desperate tone
of dark that wives put on
when all their love is done.

pp. 46-47: 18 lines from "Fragment 36" are bracketed.

p. 60: Lines marked in margin: "yet to sing love,/love must first shatter us."

p. 109: Lines marked in margin where the Ethiopians "are divided into two parts,/(half watch the sun rise,/half, the sun set)...."

pp. 119-120: These lines seem to be marked: "... save the broad ledge of sea/which no man takes...."

On second last page: "Thetis = Aneaid /sea symbol/mother of Achilles."

Inside back cover: "What's O'clock? 2.15 Pictures of World Sandburg 2.50."

Date last updated: 10/01/15

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