Lorine's cabin water lily

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Author: William Carlos Williams
Title: Kora in hell: improvisations
Publisher: Four Seas
Year of Publication: 1920
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. 20: These sentences are marked in the margin: "But to weigh a difficulty and to turn it aside without being wrecked upon a destructive solution bespeaks an imagination of force sufficient to transcend action. The difficulty has thus been solved by ascfnt to a higher plane. It is energy of the imagination alone that cannot be laid aside."

p. 69: Sentences marked in the margin: "The moon masquerading for a tower clock over the factory, its hands in a gesture that, were time real, would have settled all." "And rubber gloves, the color of moist dates, the identical glisten and texture: means a ballon trip to Fez."

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