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Author: James Branch Cabell
Title: Beyond life: Dizaine des Demiurges
Publisher: Modern Library
Place of Publication: New York
Year of Publication: 1919
Type of document: Book

Notes: pp. 56: Mark in margin for two lines reading: "... and might even afford the sinner control of superhuman powers. Men have always dream thus of evading the low levels of everyday existence...."

p. 248 is dog-eared, mark in margin next to: "... and to proclaim that 'All this is truth' is really on a par with observing 'All this is carbon.'"

p. 264 is dog-eared and margin is marked near: "If 'realism' is a form of art, the morning newspaper is a permanent contribution to literature. Undeniably, the 'realist' invents his facts a trifle more daringly than the police reporter, and soars above mere veracity on an approximate level with the editorial writer...."

p. 268 is dog-eared and marked in the margin near: "Facts must be kept in their proper place, outsideof which they lose veracity" and "There in brief you have the damnatory frailty of 'realistic' novels, which endeavor to show our actual existence from a viewpoint wherefrom no human being ever saw it."

p. 326 is dog-eared and marked in the margin near: "'Realism' is the art of being superficial seriously."

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