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Author: William D. Lewis
Title: Practical English for high schools
Publisher: American Book Company
Year of Publication: 1916
Type of document: Book

Notes: "Lorine Niedecker" is on first line of first page." "A.T." is on second line.

p. 32: Notations in margin: "J. Sp. loon gone G."

p. 37: In margin: "Fire."

p. 40: Brackets, "3. Write outlines for paragraphs developing five of the following statements:" Check mark by (a)

p. 41: Check marks by (c),(f),(i), and (k). Question mark by (e). Brackets, "5. Write paragraphs on three of the statements you selected in 3 above."

p. 42: Marks in margin: "1. The Indian in his wigwam had little protection against storm or frost./2. Gold populated California and built cities as if by magic; but wheat and fruit have long since become the basis of California's prosperity./3. The soil is the foundation of all permanent prosperity./ 4. Nevertheless, his mode of life was largely independent of soil and climate, except as these affected the game which he pursued./5. As with mining, so with lumbering; the forests once cut away, and the lumber camps and towns deserted, the country relapses into wilderness until such time as a new forest shall have grown to merchantable size, unless the soil be fit for farming./6. Savage man, living by the chase, was indeed exposed in person to all the rigors of climate. Margin marks connect 1, 4, and 6, with note, "Topic". 2,5, and 8 are noted together with the number 1. 7 has a number 2 written in the margin next to it.

p. 43: Writes 20 next to number 9. Brackets in margin, "Find in one of your textbooks a paragraph that has a summary or clincher sentence. Note at bottom, "summed up sentence"

p. 46: Brackets in margin for section of Practice assignments. Crosses out "one" with note, "all" in sentence, "Write a paragraph giving a specific illustration of one of the following statements:" Check marks by "(c) The thing one works hardest to get frequently proves to be a disappointment." and "(e) The profoundest peace is no guarantee against the horrors of war.

p. 47: Brackets end of Practice above The Paragraph of Comparisons. Scribbles above Practice on page, possibly a note, but illegible.

p. 49: "Write" next to an assignment.

p. 50: Brackets, "Some of the ways by which paragraphs amplify single ideas are by the addition of details, by the use of illustrations, and by comparisons or contrasts." Notations, including "oral" spelled "orral." Crosses out "three" and replaces with "one" in sentence, "Write out three of the paragraphs."

p. 63: Bracketing of text started.

p. 68: Bracketing of text ended.

pp. 108-111: In practice section, lots of verb tenses are written out.

p. 118: In margin: "Than and as are conjunctions, not prepositions."

pp. 121-122: Words written out again in practice section.

pp. 129-130: Notations, underlinings, and practice in margins, including: "ly - manner of."

p. 142: "Bring in list" in margin.

pp. 147-148: Notations re. "Terms Often Confused In Use."

pp. 150-152: Usage of "shall/will" marked in margin. Underlining. "Supercilious" underlined, with "superficial" in margin.

pp. 156-158: Underlinings.

p. 167: "When used" and "necessary marks?" in margin.

p. 169: "O'clock" at top of page. Question mark next to paragraph about nonrestrictive phrases and clauses.

pp. 171-173: Notation and bracketing re. Rules od Punctuation and restrictive/nonrestrive clauses.

pp. 175-177: Notation about apostrophe, practice with question mark and exclamation, etc.

p. 196: Very light writing or erasure, illegible.

p. 200: "Summary sentence" in mkargin.

p. 267: Check mark in margin next to: "A pleasing method of presentation helps to persuade."

p. 390: The rhree books that are marked in list of ones "useful to one who is studying the vocations:" Fowler, Starting in Life. Parsons, Choosing a Vocation. Weaver, Profitable Vocations for Girls.

On last page: "like ~ ."

Date last updated: 12/10/15

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