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Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Publisher: Macmillan
Year of Publication: 1903
Type of document: Book

Notes: "Lorine Niedecker" on first page.

p. 6: Opening bracket at top of page, Horatio: "That can I...."

p. 10: Closing bracket at end of Scene I, "Where we shall find him most conveniently." Line "Together with remembrance of ourselves" is bracketed. "[S]ometimes sister" is underlined. "Have me" is underlined.

p. 11: "Taken to wife" is underlined.

p. 19: Faint X penciled into top margin.

p. 22: Check mark in margin re. lines: "My father's spirit in arms! All is not well;/I doubt some foul play. Would the night were come!"

p. 50: Check mark next to line: "Guildenstern: But we both obey...."

p. 51: Check mark next to line: "Guildenstern: Heavens makes our presence and our practices...."

p. 57: Check mark next to: "Enter Hamlet, reading O, give me leave...."

p. 71: Checkmark next to line: "First Player. But who, O who had seen the mobled queen - ...."

p. 79: Opening bracket for beginning of Hamlet's: "To be, or not to be, - that is the question...."

p. 80: A line marks the line "what dreams may come." "[C]ontumely" is underlined. Closing bracket after "With a bare bodkin?"

p. 117: Check mark in bottom margin.

p. 127: "Fussed" in margin, pointing to "To fust in us...."

p. 128: Closing bracket at end of Scene IV.

p. 136: Check mark for line: "Laertes. Hadst thou thy wits, and didst persuade revenge...."

p. 157: Opening bracket for Hamlet's "Alas, poor Yorick!"

On third last page: "All history (?) / how. Falling Action/Climax/Compilation: Denoument. Introduction. Setting. Citing force.

On last page: "Theme at least 500 words Hamlet test soliloqy." Upside down on page: "Lake Koshkonong - not a history - old man tells hunting tales etc. history of the Lake."

Inside back cover: "Hamlet England - pirate ship - Rosen Guild go to king."

Date last updated: 04/12/16

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