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Author: Robert Browning
Title: Pomegranates from an English garden: a selection from the poems
Publisher: Chautauqua Press
Place of Publication: New York
Year of Publication: 1885
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. i: First paragraph of introduction is bracketed.

p. ii: Marked in margin: "It would, of course, be absurd to claim for the pomegranate the bloom and beauty of the peach...."

p. iii: Bracketed: "His work is full of thought, and the thought is never commonplace. There is so much of it, and all is so fresh, and therefore unfamiliar, that some mental effort is necessary to grasp it." Also bracketed: "The expression is always the briefest. Not only are no words wasted, but, where connecting ideas are easily supplied, they are often left unexpressed, the intelligence and mental activity of the reader being always taken for granted." Also bracketed: "...as Shakespeare must be studied in order to an appreciation other than second-hand, so must Browning be studied in order to be appreciated at all; for his writings are not yet old enough to secure much second-hand enthusiasm."

pp. iii-iv: The entire paragraph numbered "4" is bracketed.

pp. iv-v: The first two sentences of the paragraph at the bottom of p. iv and the beginning of page v are bracketed. The first three sentences of the paragraph starting in the middle of p. v are bracketed.

p. vii: The first and last sentences of the first paragraph to start on p. vii are bracketed.

p. 64: Section IX of "ABT VOGLER" is bracketed.

p. 75: These lines are bracketed: "God be thanked, the meanest of his creatures/Boasts two soul-sides, one to face the world with,/One to show a woman when he loves

pp. 80-81: These lines of "ABT VOGLER" are bracketed, beginning with "Have I knowledge?..." on p. 80 and ending with "I climb to his feet" on p. 81.

pp. 83-84: All of section XVIII of "ABT VOGLER" is bracketed.

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