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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Faranda, Lisa Pater Composing a Place: Two Versions of Lorine Niedecker's Lake Superior Article 1987
Fees, Sandra The Irony of Freedom and Constraint in the Folk Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1999
Gartung, Karl One by Herself: The Achievement of Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Gibson, Morgan Lorine Niedecker, Alive and Well Article 1975
Golston, Michael Petalbent Devils: Louis Zukofsky, Lorine Niedecker, and the Surrealist Praying Mantis Article 2006
Hayes, Paul G. The Poet and the Painter Article 1990
Jenkins, Matthew G. Lorine Niedecker, Simone de Beauvoir, and the Sexual Ethics of Experience Article 2004
Lowney, John Poetry, Property, and Propriety: Lorine Niedecker and the Legacy of the Great Depression Article 1999
Meyer, Wayne Lorine Niedecker: a Life by Water Article 1983
Middleton, Peter Folk Poetry and the American Avant-Garde: Placing Lorine Article 1997
Nero, Bob Remembering Lorine Article 1975
Oderman, Kevin Lorine Niedecker: Houses into Hoopla Article 1988
Penberthy, Jenny Brief Words are Hard to Find Article 1985
Penberthy, Jenny Poems from Letters: the Lorine Niedecker Louis Zukofsky Correspondence Article 1985
Penberthy, Jenny Knee Deck Her Daisies: Selections from her Letters to Louis Zukofsky Article 1987
Penberthy, Jenny The New Goose Manuscript Article 1992
Penberthy, Jenny The Revolutionary Word: Lorine Niedecker's Early Writings 1928-1946 Article 1992
Penberthy, Jenny A Posse of Two: Lorine Niedecker and Ian Hamilton Finlay Article 1994
Penberthy, Jenny A Litttle Too Little: Re-reading Lorine Niedecker Article 1999
Perloff, Marjorie Canon and Loaded Gun: Feminist Poetics and the Avant-Garde Article 1987
Pinard, Mary Lorine Niedecker: Environment and a Grammar of Flooding Article 2001
Ratiner, Stephen Lorine Niedecker: Poetry in a Minor Key Article 1982
Robertson, Lisa In Phonographic Deep Song: Sounding Niedecker Article 2004
Roub, Gail Getting to Know Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Schreiner, Juanita Lorine Niedecker Article 1981

749 resources


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