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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Niedecker, Lorine Adams Papers Archive Document
Whitehead, Alfred N. Adventures of ideas Mentor Book 1933
Thruelsen, Richard Adventures of the mind Vintage Book 1959
Virgil The aeneid Doubleday & Co., N.Y. Book 1953
Niedecker, Lorine Agate - history of : remembering rocks Archive Document
White, Morton The age of analysis Mentor Book 1955
Fremantle, Anne The age of belief Mentor Book 1954
Pleasants, Henry The agony of modern music Simon Book 1955
Abbott,, Reginald All Fashions Feud': Images of Fashionable and Unfashionable Women in Lorine Niedecker Article 1989
Corbett, William All Prose: Selected Essays and Reviews Zoland Books Article 2001
Zukofsky, Louis All the collected short poems, 1923-1958 Norton Book 1965
Peattie, Donald C. An almanac for moderns Putnam Book 1935
Lehman, John America's Greatest Unknown Poet: Lorine Niedecker Reminiscences, Photographs, Letters and Her Most Memorable Poems Zelda Wilde Publishing Book 2003
James, Henry The American novels and stories Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y. Book 1947
Evans, George The American Objectivists Article 1985
American Poetry: the Twentieth Centurey The Library of America Article 2000
American Poetry: the Twentieth Century The Library of America Book 2000
James, Henry The American scene Scribner Book 1946
The American tradition in literature Norton Book 1957
Confucius Analects Random Book 1938
Zukofsky, Louis Anew, poems Decker Book 1946
Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina Pocket Books Book 1948
Eigner, Larry Another time in fragments Fulcrum Book 1967
Robinson, C.A. An anthology of Greek drama, first series Holt Book 1949
Malroux, Andre Anti-Memoirs Holt, Rinehart and Winston, N.Y. Book 1968

749 resources


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