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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Miracle, Faith She Rose From The Marsh Wisconsin Trails Article 1994
Russell, Bertrand Understanding history Wisdom Library Book 1957
Young, Karl Lorine Niedecker: Paean to Place/Autograph Edition Published in Celebration of the Author's 100th Birthday Woodland Pattern Book Center and Light and Dust Article 2003
Maritain, Jacques Creative intution in art and poetry World Publications, Co., N.Y. Book 1965
Brooks, Van Wyck The world of Washington Irving World Publishing Book 1946
Wilk, David Margot Peters: Lorine Niedecker, A Writer's Life Writer's Cast: the voice of writing Audio 2012
Camden, Nancy Lorine Niedecker WUWM Milwaukee Audio 2009
Lehman, John America's Greatest Unknown Poet: Lorine Niedecker Reminiscences, Photographs, Letters and Her Most Memorable Poems Zelda Wilde Publishing Book 2003
Corbett, William All Prose: Selected Essays and Reviews Zoland Books Article 2001
Maurois, Andre Portraits (In French) Le Cercle du Liore de Book 1955
Schweitzer, Albert The Sewanee Review, October-December Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1969
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1970
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1968
Art and literature, an International quarterly Book
Contemporary literature: Spring 1968 Book
Contemporary literature: Summer 1968 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1967 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1969 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1970 Book
Orwell, George The Paris review, no. 31, Winter-Spring 1964 Book
Williams, Jonathan - Publisher Jargon society folder Book

749 resources


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