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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Copland, Aaron What to listen for in music Mentor Book 1939
Creeley, Robert The whip Migrant Books Book 1957
Payne Robert The white pony Day Book 1947
Bradley, John Whittled Clean: the Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1989
Russell, Bertrand The will to doubt Philosophical Library Book 1958
Murry, John M. William Blake McGraw Book 1964
Henderson, Philip William Morris McGraw Hill Book Co., N.Y. Book 1957
Santayana, George Winds of doctrine and platonism and the Harper Book 1957
Gorham, Charles Wine of life Dial Book 1958
Goodrich, Lloyd Winslow Homer Braziller Book 1959
Gardner, Albert T.E. Winslow Homer Bramhall Book 1961
Lin, Yu-t'ang The wisdom of China and India Modern Library Book 1942
Miller, Henry The wisdom of the heart New Directions Publications, Norfolk Book 1941
Connolly, Francis X. Wisdom of the saints Pocket Books Book 1963
Corman, Cid With Lorine: a memorial: 1903-1970 Article 1973
Augustine,, Jane A Woman Poet, Specifically Article 1975
Trawick, Buckner B. World Literature, vol. 1 Barnes Book 1953
Brooks, Van Wyck The world of Washington Irving World Publishing Book 1946
Kenner, Hugh Wyndham Lewis New Directions Book 1954
Main, Angie Kumlien Yellow-headed blackbirds at Lake Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Book
Slaughter, Frank G. Your body and your mind Signet Book 1947
Jennison, Ruth Louise The Zukofsky Era: An Objectivists' Modernism PhD Dissertation 2004
Niedecker, Lorine [Scrapbook of Lorine Niedecker's on travels in 1967-68 to Lake Superior, Michigan, Canada, North Dakota, and Minnesota] Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine [Scrapbook of Lorine Niedecker's trip to South Dakota in 1965] Archive Document

749 resources


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