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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Objectivist Press Book 1948
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Routledge Book 1952
Zukofsky, Louis Bottom: on Shakespeare 2v. Ark Press Book 1963
Zukofsky, Louis Prepositions Rapp & Carroll Book 1967
Zukofsky, Celia A bibliography of Louis Zukofsky Black Sparrow Press Book 1969
Zukofsky, Louis Autobiography Grossman Book 1970
Haiku - Translated from masters of the seventeen---- Peter Pauper Press, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Book 1955
Philosophers: the Renaissance, the age of New American Library, New York Book 1961
Paris Review, Writers at Work Viking Press, New York Book 1965
Haiku - Japanese Series III Peter Pauper Press, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Book 1966
Those who built Stalingrad International Publishers Book 1934
New directions in prose & poetry, 1938 New Directions Book 1938
Plutarch-Life stories of men who shaped history New American Library Book 1950
Every man's Bible Lion Book 1953
The book of Tao Peter Pauper Book 1962
Italy, vacation guidebook Cornerstone Library Book 1963
Paris Review, Poetry Doubleday and Co., Chicago, Illinois Book 1968
Art and literature, an International quarterly Book
Contemporary literature: Spring 1968 Book
Contemporary literature: Summer 1968 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1967 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1969 Book
Contemporary literature: Winter 1970 Book
Oxford book of English verse 1250-1918 Oxford Book

749 resources


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