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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Perse, St. John Birds Pantheon, N.Y. Book 1966
Clark, Kenneth Ruskin today Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD Book 1967
Moore, Marianne The complete poems of ____ Macmillan Co., Viking Press, N.Y. Book 1967
Schweitzer, Albert The Sewanee Review, October-December Book 1967
Gross, Harvey Sound and the form in modern poetry Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1968
Hollander, John Essays in criticism Oxford Press, England Book 1968
Malroux, Andre Anti-Memoirs Holt, Rinehart and Winston, N.Y. Book 1968
russell, Bertrand Autobiography of ____ Little Brown & Co., Boston, Mass Book 1968
Catullus The poems of ____ Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD Book 1969
Waley, Arthur Madly singing in the mountains Walker and Col, N.Y. Book 1970
Zukofsky, Louis Little Grossman, N.Y. Book 1970
Main, Angie Kumlien Yellow-headed blackbirds at Lake Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Book
Clemens, Samuel L. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court Pocket Books Book 1917
Maeterlinck, Maurice The life of the bee New American Library Book 1954
Santayana, George Three philosophical poets Doubleday Book 1910
Joyce, James A portrait of the artist as a young man Modern Library Book 1916
Williams, William Carlos Selected poems New Classics Book 1949
Reznikoff, Charles Five groups of verse Author Book 1927
Fry, Roger Vision and design Penguin Book 1920
Santayana, George Scepticism and animal faith Dover Book 1923
Huxley, Aldous Leonard On art and artists Harper Book 1960
Lawrence, D.H. St. Mawr and the man who died Vintage Book 1928
Stendahl The red and the black Modern Library Book 1926
Pound, Ezra Translations New Directions Book 1963
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich Materialism and empirio-criticisms International Book 1927

749 resources


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