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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Williams, Jonathan Letter to Clayton Eshelman Article 1971
Williams, Jonathan Eptaphs for Lorine The Jargon Society Article 1973
Williams, Jonathan Letter to the New York Times Article 1975
Williams, Jonathan From This Condensery: the Complete Writing of Lorine Niedecker The Jargon Society Article 1985
Williams, Johnathan Review 1962
Willis, Elizabeth Possessing Possession: Lorine Niedecker, Folk and the Allegory of Making Article 2001
Willis, Elizabeth The Poetics of Affinity: Lorine Niedecker, William Morris, and the Art of Work Article 2005
Wilson, Edmund A piece of my mind Doubleday & Co., Garden City, N.Y. Book 1958
Wilson, Edmund Axel's castle Scribner Book 1931
Wilson, Edmund A literary chronicle: 1920-1950 Diybkedat Book 1952
Winters, Yvor The bare hills, a book of poems Four Seas Book 1927
Wolff, Perry A tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy Dell Book 1962
Woolf, Leonard Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey, letters Harcourt Book 1956
Woolley, Edwin C. Handbook of composition Heath Book 1920
Wordsworth, William Complete poetical works Burt Book
Wright, Austin Victorian literature Oxford Book 1961
Yates, Peter Review 1970
Yeats, William Butler Autobiography Doubleday Book 1944
Yeats, William Butler Selected poems and two plays Macmillan Book 1962
Young, Charles Lowell Emerson's Montaigne Macmillan Book 1941
Young, Karl Lorine Niedecker: Paean to Place/Autograph Edition Published in Celebration of the Author's 100th Birthday Woodland Pattern Book Center and Light and Dust Article 2003
Zola, Emile Nana Pocket Books Book 1941
Zukofsky, Louis Little Grossman, N.Y. Book 1970
Zukofsky, Louis All the collected short poems, 1923-1958 Norton Book 1965
Zukofsky, Louis Anew, poems Decker Book 1946

749 resources


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