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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Reed, John Ten days that shook the world The Modern Library, N.Y. Book 1935
Armantrout, Rae Artifice and Indeterminacy: An Anthology of New Poetics U Alabama P Book 1998
Middleton, Peter The Objectivist Nexus:Essays in Cultural Poetics U Alabama P Article 1999
Penberthy, Jenny Collected Works U California P Article 2002
Penberthy, Jenny Collected Works U California P Book 2002
Berry, Eleanor Reading the Middle Generation Anew: Culture, Community, and Form in Twentieth-Century American Poetry U Iowa P Book 2006
Shucard, Alan Modern American Poetry: 1865-1950 U Massachusetts P Article 1989
O'Brien, Geoffrey Bardic Deadlines: Reviewing Poetry, 1984-95 U Michigan P Article 1998
Franciosi, Robert The Ojectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics U of Alabama P Article 1999
Sappho Translation Univ. of CA Press, Berkeley Book 1958
Dickinson, Emily The recognition of ____ Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1964
Gross, Harvey Sound and the form in modern poetry Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1968
Williams, Jonathan An ear in Bartram's tree Univ. of N.C. Press, Chapel Hill Book 1959
Wagenknecht, Edward The personality of Chaucer Univ. Oklahoma Press, Norman OK Book 1958
Mallarme, Stephane Selected poems University of California Press, Los Angeles, CA Book 1965
Lehmann, Karl Thomas Jefferson, American humanism University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois Book 1966
Corman, Cid Audio recording of Lorine reading her poetry University of Pennsylvania PennSound from the Center For Programs in Contemporary Writing. Audio 1970
Sturgeon, Tandy Jennifer A Critical Edition of the Collected Poems of Lorine Niedecker University of Wisconsin Madison PhD Dissertation 1990
Muir, John The story of my boyhood and youth University of Wisconsin Press, Madison Book 1965
Bacon, Francis Essays and The New Atlantis Van Nostrand Book 1942
Kilroy, James On Modern Poetry: Essays Presented to Donal Davie Vanderbilt UP Article 1988
Peattie, Donald C. Flowering earth Viking Book 1939
Wilde, Oscar Portable Oscar Wilde Viking Book 1946
La Fontaine Fables Viking Book 23408
Patmore, Derek and Marjory Whitelaw Canada Viking Book 1967

749 resources


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