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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Reed, John Ten days that shook the world The Modern Library, N.Y. Book 1935
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tender is the night Bantam Books Book 1934
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Objectivist Press Book 1948
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Routledge Book 1952
Lehmann, Karl Thomas Jefferson, American humanism University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois Book 1966
Those who built Stalingrad International Publishers Book 1934
Perry, Ralph Barton The thought and character of William James George Braziller Pub., N.Y. Book 1954
Schlesinger, Arthur Jr. A thousand days: John F. Kennedy in the Fawcett Book 1965
Santayana, George Three philosophical poets Doubleday Book 1910
Pushkin - Lermontor - Tyutchev Three Russian poets New Directons, Norfolk, CN Book 1944
Main, Angie Kumlien Thure Kumlien--Koshkonong naturalist Wisconsin Magazine of History Book 1944
Nietzsche, Friedrich Thus spake zarathustra Boni and Liveright, N.Y. Book
Lewis, Wyndham Time and western man Beacon Press Book 1957
Vega, Michelle To Probe the River Trees: A Conversation Between the Poetics of John Clare and Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 2007
Miller, Perry Together with notes and commentary by H.D. Houghton Book 1958
Cocola, James M. Topopoiesis: Contemporary American Poetries and the Imaginative Making of Place PhD Dissertation 2009
Jenkins, Matthew Grant Totally Bound: Tracing a Levinasian Ethics from Objectivism to Language Poetry PhD Dissertation 1999
Wolff, Perry A tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy Dell Book 1962
Niemann, Michelle Towards an Ecopoetics of Food: Plants, Agricultural Politics, and Colonized Landscapes in Lorine Niedecker's Condensery Johns Hopkins University Press Article 2018
Shakespeare, William Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Macmillan Book 1903
James, Henry The tragic muse Dell Book 1961
Sappho Translation Univ. of CA Press, Berkeley Book 1958
Pound, Ezra Translations New Directions Book 1963
Shapley, Harlow A treasury of science Harper Book 1943
Schuster, M. Lincoln A treasury of the world's greates letters Simon and Schuster, N.Y. Book 1960

749 resources


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