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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Wheatley, David Review 2003
Whicher, Stephen 12 American poets Oxford Book 1961
White, Gilbert The natural history of Selborne Penguin Books Book 1941
White, Morton The age of analysis Mentor Book 1955
Whitehead, Alfred N. Adventures of ideas Mentor Book 1933
Whitehead, Alfred N. Dialogues, as recorded by Lucien Price Mentor Book 1954
Whitehead, Molly Delight Saving Graces: The Economies of Water, Rock, and Poetry in the Work of Lorine Faith Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1989
Whitman, Walt Leaves of grass Doubleday, Doran & Co. Inc., N.Y. Book 1943
Whitman, Walt Specimen days Signet Book 1961
Wilde, Oscar Portable Oscar Wilde Viking Book 1946
Wilk, David Margot Peters: Lorine Niedecker, A Writer's Life Writer's Cast: the voice of writing Audio 2012
Wilkinson, Marguerite New voices Macmillan Book 1921
Williams, William Carlos The autobiography of ____ Random House, N.Y. Book 1951
Williams, William Carlos Journey to love Random House Book 1954
Williams, Jonathan An ear in Bartram's tree Univ. of N.C. Press, Chapel Hill Book 1959
Williams, William Carlos Selected poems New Classics Book 1949
Williams, William Carlos Kora in hell: improvisations Four Seas Book 1920
Williams, William Carlos Collected poems, 1921-1931 Objectivist Book 1934
Williams, William Carlos The broken span New Directions Book 1941
Williams, William Carlos The desert music Random Book 1954
Williams, Oscar Immortal poems of the English language Washington Square Book 1952
Williams, William Carlos Selected letters McDowell Book 1957
Williams, Jonathan - Publisher Jargon society folder Book
Williams, Jonathan Is Pamela McFram Gleese America's Greatest Poet? Article 1962
Williams, Jonathan T&G The Jargon Society Article 1969

749 resources


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