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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Brickey, Russel W. The Dark Sublime in American Poetry: From Poe to the Bomb PhD Dissertation 2010
Bronstein, Hilda Mina Loy and the Problematic of Gender for Women Poets of the Avant-Garde PhD Dissertation 2002
Carbery, Matthew Acts of Extended Inquiry: Idiosyncrasy and Phenomenology in American Poetics (1960s-Present) PhD Dissertation 2015
Carruth, Allison Global Appetites: Literary Form and Food Politics from World War I to the World Trade Organization PhD Dissertation 2008
Charbonneau, David Douglas Finding the Middle Ground: Modern Regionalism and Midwestern Poetry, 1930-2003 PhD Dissertation 2003
Cocola, James M. Topopoiesis: Contemporary American Poetries and the Imaginative Making of Place PhD Dissertation 2009
Conte, Joseph M. Serial and a Priori Form in Postmodern Poetry PhD Dissertation 1988
Edelman, Rachel The Geologic of Lorine Niedecker's "Lake Superior" PhD Dissertation 2016
Edminster, Suzanne The Daisy and the Aster: Two Essays on Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1991
Evans, Meagan Sounding Silence: American Women's Experimental Poetics PhD Dissertation 2013
Gibson, Michelle "Stuff That Once Was Rock": Critical Treatments of the Work of Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1993
Hansen, Jefferson Paul The Edge of the Local Pragmatist Aesthetics and Objectivist Poetry PhD Dissertation 1993
Harkey, John Significant Little Wrecks: Lorine Niedecker, George Oppen & the Question of 'Small Poetry' in Twentieth-Century American Writing PhD Dissertation 2011
Houglum, Brook Louise "This is poetry": U.S. Poetics and Radio, 1930-1960 PhD Dissertation 2009
Isken, Molly "A pencil for a wing-bone": Lorine Niedecker's Evolving Poetics PhD Dissertation 2014
Johnson, Joan The Perfect Order: Lorine Niedecker's Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Jones, Lindsey Pendleton Possession and Dispossession in the Poetics of Elizabeth Bishop and Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 2002
Jowett, Lorna Elizabeth 'And silence': Lorine Niedecker and the Life of Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Jowett, Lorna Elizabeth 'And silence': Lorine Niedecker and the Life of Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Kitses, Jasmine Simple Marks: Moments of Punctuation in Twentieth-Century Poetry PhD Dissertation 2015
Miller, Megan Modernism's History of the Earth PhD Dissertation 2012
Oler, Andy Middle Ground: Literary Masculinity, Rural Space, Midwestern Modernism PhD Dissertation 2013
Parks, Justin Michael Extending the Document: American Poetry and the Cultural Politics of Depression Documentary PhD Dissertation 2014
Penberthy, Jenny Lynn Lorine Niedecker and Louis Zukofsky: Her Poems and His Letters PhD Dissertation 1985
Perry, Katherine D. Gender on Paper: Performances in American Women's Poetry, 1650-Present PhD Dissertation 2007

749 resources


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