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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Niedecker, Lorine Small handwritten notes Archive Document
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Society and solitude Houghton Book 1912
Bertholf,, Robert The Solitary Plover: a Note on Lorine Niedecker Article 1975
Herrick, Robert Some poems New Directions, Norfolk, CN Book 1941
Dahlberg, Edward The sorrows of Priapus New Directions Book 1957
Gross, Harvey Sound and the form in modern poetry Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1968
Evans, Meagan Sounding Silence: American Women's Experimental Poetics PhD Dissertation 2013
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1969
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1970
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1968
Johnson, Hewlett The Soviet power Modern Age Books Book 1940
Whitman, Walt Specimen days Signet Book 1961
Spinoza, Benedict de Spinoza dictionary Philosophical Library Book 1951
Lawrence, D.H. St. Mawr and the man who died Vintage Book 1928
Miller, Henry Stand still like the hummingbird New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1962
Melville, Herman Stories, poems and letters Dell Book 1962
Cohen, Aaron B. A Story of Inversion Article 2010
Muir, John The story of my boyhood and youth University of Wisconsin Press, Madison Book 1965
Durant, Will The story of philosophy Simon Book 1926
Farrow, John The story of Thomas Moore All Saints Press Book 1954
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in classic American literature Doubleday Book 1951
Associated Press Sworn to Water Article 1996
Williams, Jonathan T&G The Jargon Society Article 1969

749 resources


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