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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
White, Morton The age of analysis Mentor Book 1955
Ginsberg, Allen Howl, and other poems City Lights Pocket Bookshop Book 1956
Hawton, Hector Philosophy for pleasure Fawcett Book 1956
Platt, Rutherford The river of life Simon Book 1956
Santayana, George Character and opinion in the U.S. Doubleday Book 1956
Creeley, Robert The whip Migrant Books Book 1957
Dahlberg, Edward The sorrows of Priapus New Directions Book 1957
Huxley, Julian Knowledge, morality, and destiny, essays New American Library Book 1957
Santayana, George Interpretations of poetry and religion Harper Book 1957
Shaw, George Bernard Four plays Laurel Book 1957
Corso, Gregory Gasoline City Lights Books Book 1958
Duncan, Robert 'Letters' Williams Book 1958
Gorham, Charles Wine of life Dial Book 1958
Keats, John Keats' will-read urn, an introduction to literary Holt Book 1958
Miller, Perry Together with notes and commentary by H.D. Houghton Book 1958
Malone, Dumas Jefferson and the right man Little Brown Co., Boston, Mass Book 1951
Williams, William Carlos The autobiography of ____ Random House, N.Y. Book 1951
Devoto, Bernard The journals of Lewis and Clark Houghton Mifflin, Boston, N.Y. Book 1953
Virgil The aeneid Doubleday & Co., N.Y. Book 1953
James, Henry Daumier Rodale Press, London Book 1954
Perry, Ralph Barton The thought and character of William James George Braziller Pub., N.Y. Book 1954
Williams, William Carlos Journey to love Random House Book 1954
Duekin, Leonard The natural history of a yard Henry Regnery Co., Chicago Book 1955
Haiku - Translated from masters of the seventeen---- Peter Pauper Press, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Book 1955
Maurois, Andre Portraits (In French) Le Cercle du Liore de Book 1955

749 resources


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