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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Platt, Rutherford The river of life Simon Book 1956
Hamilton, Edith The Roman way W.W. Norton Co., N.Y. Book 1932
Penberthy, Jenny Rossetti to Sexton:Six Women Poets at Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Article 1992
Rochester, Anna rulers of America International Publishers Book 1936
Clark, Kenneth Ruskin today Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD Book 1967
Pasternak, Boris Safe conduct New Directions Book 1958
Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the sense of beauty Indiana Univ. Press Book 1957
Whitehead, Molly Delight Saving Graces: The Economies of Water, Rock, and Poetry in the Work of Lorine Faith Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1989
Santayana, George Scepticism and animal faith Dover Book 1923
Alvarez, A. The school of Donne Mentor Book 1967
Niedecker, Lorine Schoolcraft Archive Document
Harrison, James Scientists and writers Mass. Inst. of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Book 1965
Patterson, Haywood Scottsboro boy Bantam Books Book 1950
Carson, Rachel L. The sea around us Signet Book 1961
Dowden, Anne Ophelia The secret life of the flowers Odyssey Lib. Press, N.Y. Book 1964
Robbins, S.A. See America free Bantam Books Book 1967
Montaigne Selected essays Random House Publications Book 1949
Rilke, Rainer Maria Selected letters Doubleday Book 1960
Keats, John Selected letters Doubleday Book 1951
Flaubert, Gustave Selected letters Hamilton Book 1954
James, Henry Selected letters Doubleday Book 1955
Williams, William Carlos Selected letters McDowell Book 1957
Byron, Lord The selected letters of Lord Byron Grosset & Dunlap Book 1953
Hardy, Thomas Selected peoms of ____ Macmillan Co. Book 1961
Mallarme, Stephane Selected poems University of California Press, Los Angeles, CA Book 1965

749 resources


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