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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Robbins, S.A. See America free Bantam Books Book 1967
Zukofsky, Louis Prepositions Rapp & Carroll Book 1967
Boswell, James Life of Samuel Johnson New American Library Book 1968
Corman, Cid Plight, a book of poems Elizabeth Press Book 1968
Dorn, Edward Gunslinger, book 1 Black Sparrow Press Book 1968
Marlatt, Daphne Frames of a story Ryerson Book 1968
Niedecker, Lorine North central Fulcrum Press Book 1968
Davenport, Guy Do you have a poem book on e.e. cummings? Jargon Society Book 1969
Derleth, August New poetry out of Wisconsin Stanton Book 1969
Marek, George R. Beethoven Funk Book 1969
Zukofsky, Celia A bibliography of Louis Zukofsky Black Sparrow Press Book 1969
Laughlin, James Quello che la matita scrive Guanda Book 1970
Niedecker, Lorine My life by water: collected poems, 1936-1968 Fulcrum Press Book 1970
Stock, Noel The life of Ezra Pound Pantheon Book 1970
Zukofsky, Louis Autobiography Grossman Book 1970
Niedecker, Lorine Blue chicory Elizabeth Press Book 1976
Selaam, Howard What is philosophy? International Publications Book 1983
Paris Review, Poetry Doubleday and Co., Chicago, Illinois Book 1968
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1969
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1970
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1967
Slaughter, Frank G. The southern review Book 1968
Art and literature, an International quarterly Book
Contemporary literature: Spring 1968 Book

749 resources


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