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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Lewis, William D. Practical English for high schools American Book Company Book 1916
Faranda, Lisa Pater Preface to Selected Letters of Lorine Nidecker to Cid Corman 1961-1970 Article 1983
Zukofsky, Louis Prepositions Rapp & Carroll Book 1967
Bowra, C.M. Primitive song New American Library Book 1962
Rimbaud, Arthur Prose poems from the illuminations New Directions Book
Laughlin, James Quello che la matita scrive Guanda Book 1970
Merton, Thomas Raids on the unspeakable New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1960
Diderot, Denis Rameau's nephew and D'Alembert's dream Penguin Books, England Book 1966
Snyder, Gary A range of poems Fulcrum Press Book 1966
Berry, Eleanor Reading the Middle Generation Anew: Culture, Community, and Form in Twentieth-Century American Poetry U Iowa P Book 2006
Cohen, Joseph Reason and nature Collier Macmillan, London Book 1960
Dickinson, Emily The recognition of ____ Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1964
Stendahl The red and the black Modern Library Book 1926
The religion of beauty: selections from the aesthetes Heinmann Book 1950
Nero, Bob Remembering Lorine Article 1975
Weatherly, Edward H. Renaissance Dell Book 1962
Symonds, John Addington Renaissance in Italy Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1961
Jowett, Lorna Representing Lives: Women and Auto/Biography Macmillan; St. Martin's Article 2000
Reichert, Kathryn Rose Resting on Weedy Laurels: Lorine Niedecker's Poetics of Perseverance PhD Dissertation 2012
Breslin, Glenna Revealing Lives: Autobiography, Biography and Gender State U of New York P Book 1990
Mortensen, Peter Review of "Between Your House and Mine" Review 1988
Hove, Arthur Review of "Between Your House and Mine" Review 1987
Augustine,, Jane review of "Collected Works" Review 2003
Penberthy, Jenny The Revolutionary Word: Lorine Niedecker's Early Writings 1928-1946 Article 1992
Beard, Charles A. and Mary R. The rise of American civilization Macmillan Book 1939

749 resources


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