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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Arnold, Mathew Passages from the prose writings of Matthew Arnold New York University Press Book 1963
Sorrentino, Gilbert North Point P Review 1984
Corman, Cid The Granite Pail: the Selected Poems of Lorine Niedecker North Point Press Article 1985
Zukofsky, Louis All the collected short poems, 1923-1958 Norton Book 1965
The American tradition in literature Norton Book 1957
The Norton Anthology of American Literature Norton Book 1989
Williams, William Carlos Collected poems, 1921-1931 Objectivist Book 1934
Oppen, George Discrete series Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles In memoriam: 1933 Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles Jerusalem the golden Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles Separate way Objectivist Press Book 1936
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Objectivist Press Book 1948
Dowden, Anne Ophelia The secret life of the flowers Odyssey Lib. Press, N.Y. Book 1964
Mill, John Stuart On liberty, representative government, and Oxford Book 1912
Dixon, W. MacNeile The human situation Oxford Book 1937
Fiedelson, Charles Interpretations of American literature Oxford Book 1959
Whicher, Stephen 12 American poets Oxford Book 1961
Wright, Austin Victorian literature Oxford Book 1961
Oxford book of English verse 1250-1918 Oxford Book
Hollander, John Essays in criticism Oxford Press, England Book 1968
Shakespeare, William The complete works of ____ Oxford Univ. Press, London Book 1924
Keats, John The poetical works of ____ Oxford Univ. Press, London Book 1925
Milton, John Areopagitica Oxford University Press, London Book 1947
Pick, John Gerard Manley Hopkins-priest and poet Oxford University Press, N.Y. Book 1966
Stock, Noel The life of Ezra Pound Pantheon Book 1970

749 resources


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