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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Catullus The poems of ____ Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD Book 1969
Bunting, Basil Poems: 1950 Cleaner's Press Book
Hayes, Paul G. The Poet and the Painter Article 1990
Brooke, Rupert The poetical works of Rupert Brooke Faber & Faber Book 1967
Keats, John The poetical works of ____ Oxford Univ. Press, London Book 1925
Willis, Elizabeth The Poetics of Affinity: Lorine Niedecker, William Morris, and the Art of Work Article 2005
Stravinsky, Igor Poetics of music Vintage Book 1947
Hart, George Leslie The Poetics of Postmodernist and Neoromantic Nature Poetry PhD Dissertation 1997
Jarrell, Randall Poetry and the age Vintage Book 1953
Feraca, Jean Poetry Circle of the Air Wisconsin Public Radio Audio 2009
Poetry Out of Wisconsin Henry Harrison Book 1937
Lowney, John Poetry, Property, and Propriety: Lorine Niedecker and the Legacy of the Great Depression Article 1999
Nemerov, Howard Poets on poetry Basic Books Book 1966
LaFollette, Robert M. Political philosophy Author Book 1920
Browning, Robert Pomegranates from an English garden: a selection from the poems Chautauqua Press Book 1885
Emerson, Ralph Waldo The portable Emerson Viking Press Book 1956
Wilde, Oscar Portable Oscar Wilde Viking Book 1946
Voltaire The portable Voltaire Viking Press Book 1961
Joyce, James A portrait of the artist as a young man Modern Library Book 1916
Maurois, Andre Portraits (In French) Le Cercle du Liore de Book 1955
Ford, Ford Madox Portraits from life Henry Regnery Col Book 1937
Penberthy, Jenny A Posse of Two: Lorine Niedecker and Ian Hamilton Finlay Article 1994
Willis, Elizabeth Possessing Possession: Lorine Niedecker, Folk and the Allegory of Making Article 2001
Jones, Lindsey Pendleton Possession and Dispossession in the Poetics of Elizabeth Bishop and Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 2002
Davie, Donald Postmodernism and Lorine Niedecker Article 1991

749 resources


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