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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Russell, Bertrand Selected poems of ____ The Modern Library, N.Y. Book 1927
Russell, Bertrand Unpopular essays Simon and Schuster, N.Y. Book 1950
Russell, Bertrand Bertrand Russell's best New American Library, N.Y. Book 1958
russell, Bertrand Autobiography of ____ Little Brown & Co., Boston, Mass Book 1968
Russell, Bertrand A history of western philosophy Simon Book 1945
Russell, Bertrand Understanding history Wisdom Library Book 1957
Russell, Bertrand The will to doubt Philosophical Library Book 1958
Saint Augustine Confessions Pocket Books Book 1958
Sale, Roger Discussions of the novel Heath Book 1960
Sanderlin, George College reading Heath Book 1953
Sandra, Alcosser Avant-Gardist in the Forest Article 2004
Santayana, George Persons and places Chas. Scribner's Sons, N.Y. Book 1944
Santayana, George Three philosophical poets Doubleday Book 1910
Santayana, George Scepticism and animal faith Dover Book 1923
Santayana, George The last puritan Scribner Book 1936
Santayana, George Letters Scribner Book 1955
Santayana, George The sense of beauty Modern Library Book 1955
Santayana, George Character and opinion in the U.S. Doubleday Book 1956
Santayana, George Interpretations of poetry and religion Harper Book 1957
Santayana, George Winds of doctrine and platonism and the Harper Book 1957
Santillana, Giorio de The origins of scientific thought Mentor Book 1961
Sappho Translation Univ. of CA Press, Berkeley Book 1958
Sappho Lyrics of ____ Doubleday, N.Y. Book 1965
Savage, Elizabeth Anne Innovation as Interrogation in American Poetics PhD Dissertation 1998
Schjeldahl, Peter Review 1971

749 resources


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