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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Cox, Kenneth The Poems of Lorine Niedecker Article 1969
Cox, Kenneth LN's Longer Poems Article 1991
Cox, Kenneth The Longer Poems Article 1996
Cox, Kenneth Lorine Niedecker's Poetry Article 2005
Cox, Kenneth Collected Studies in the Use of English Agenda Editions Book 2001
Crase, Douglas On Lorine Niedecker Article 1992
Dahlen, Beverly Notes On Reading Lorine Niedecker Article 1983
Davie, Donald Lorine Niedecker: Lyric Minimum and Epic Scope Article 1981
Davie, Donald Postmodernism and Lorine Niedecker Article 1991
Davies, Alan A Pencil for a Wing-Bone Article 1975
Dent, Peter The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Book 1983
New Poetry Out of Wisconsin Stanton & Lee Publishers Book 1969
Poetry Out of Wisconsin Henry Harrison Book 1937
Dorn, Ed Introduction to My Friend Tree Wild Hawthorn Press Article 1961
Eckman, Frederick Lorine Niedecker's Local: 'a weedy speech/ a marshy retainer' Article 1975
Evans, George The American Objectivists Article 1985
Evans, George An interview with Carl Rakosi Article 1988
Faranda, Lisa Pater Preface to Selected Letters of Lorine Nidecker to Cid Corman 1961-1970 Article 1983
Faranda, Lisa Pater Excerpt from a letter to the editors, on Niedecker's work and life Article 1983
Faranda, Lisa Pater Between Your House and Mine: the Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman 1960-1970 Duke UP Book 1986
Corman, Cid With Lorine: a memorial: 1903-1970 Article 1973
Corman, Cid A Footnote to 'with Lorine' Article 1975
Corman, Cid Blue Chicory The Elizabeth Press Article 1976
Corman, Cid The Granite Pail: the Selected Poems of Lorine Niedecker North Point Press Article 1985
Duplessis, Rachel Blau Lorine Niedecker, the Anonymous: Gender, Class, Genre and Resistances Article 1992

749 resources


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