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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Williams, Jonathan - Publisher Jargon society folder Book
Hasek, Jaroslav The good soldier, Schweik Penguin Book 1930
Taggard, Genevieve The life and mind of Emily Dickenson Knopf Book 1930
Whitehead, Alfred N. Adventures of ideas Mentor Book 1933
Those who built Stalingrad International Publishers Book 1934
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tender is the night Bantam Books Book 1934
Oppen, George Discrete series Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles In memoriam: 1933 Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles Jerusalem the golden Objectivist Press Book 1934
Stone, Irving Lust for life Pocket Books Book 1934
Williams, William Carlos Collected poems, 1921-1931 Objectivist Book 1934
Pratt, Fletcher A short history of the Civil War Pocket books Book 1948
Reznikoff, Nathan Early history of a sewing-machine operator Author Book 1936
Rochester, Anna rulers of America International Publishers Book 1936
Santayana, George The last puritan Scribner Book 1936
Tate, Allen The man of letters in the modern world Meridian Books Book 1936
New directions in prose & poetry, 1938 New Directions Book 1938
Confucius Analects Random Book 1938
Emerson, Ralph Waldo The heart of Emerson's journals Dover Book 1939
Thompson, Stith Our heritage or world literature Dryden Book 1942
Forester, E.M. Two cheers for democracy Harcourt Book 1951
Fuller, B.A.G. A history of philosophy Holt Book 1955
Engels, Frederick Her Eugen Duhring's revolution in science International Publishers Book 1939
Peattie, Donald C. Flowering earth Viking Book 1939
Dent, Edward J. Opera Penguin Books Book 1940

749 resources


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