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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Dahlberg, Edward Truth is more sacred Horizon Book 1961
Gardner, Albert T.E. Winslow Homer Bramhall Book 1961
Hazlitt, William The Hazlitt sampler Fawcett Book 1961
James, Henry The tragic muse Dell Book 1961
Machiavelli, Niccolo Letters Capricorn Books Book 1961
Rosenberg, John D. The darkening glass Columbia Book 1961
Santillana, Giorio de The origins of scientific thought Mentor Book 1961
Shaw, Bernard Plays unpleasant Penguin Books Book 1961
Thoreau, Henry David A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers Houghton Book 1961
Whicher, Stephen 12 American poets Oxford Book 1961
Wright, Austin Victorian literature Oxford Book 1961
Murry, John M. New directions in prose and poetry New Directions Book 1966
Alvarez, A. The school of Donne Mentor Book 1967
The book of Tao Peter Pauper Book 1962
Bowra, C.M. Primitive song New American Library Book 1962
Brooks, Van Wyck Fenollosa and his circle Dutton Book 1962
Chase, Richard Melville Prentice Book 1962
Weatherly, Edward H. Renaissance Dell Book 1962
Wolff, Perry A tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy Dell Book 1962
Yeats, William Butler Selected poems and two plays Macmillan Book 1962
Durrell, Lawrence Lawrence Durrell - Henry Miller, a private Dutton Book 1963
Italy, vacation guidebook Cornerstone Library Book 1963
Connolly, Francis X. Wisdom of the saints Pocket Books Book 1963
Miller, J. Hillis The disappearance of God Schocken Books Book 1963
Morrell, Lady Ottoline Memoirs Knopf Book 1963

749 resources


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