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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Ghiselin, Brewster The creative process New American Library, N.Y. Book
Philosophers: the Renaissance, the age of New American Library, New York Book 1961
Williams, William Carlos Selected poems New Classics Book 1949
Baudelaire, Charles Flowers of evil New Directions Book 1958
Reznikoff, Charles By the waters of Manhatten New Directions Book 1959
Pound, Ezra Personae New Directions Book 1926
Pound, Ezra Translations New Directions Book 1963
New directions in prose & poetry, 1938 New Directions Book 1938
Williams, William Carlos The broken span New Directions Book 1941
Pasternak, Boris Safe conduct New Directions Book 1958
Kenner, Hugh Wyndham Lewis New Directions Book 1954
Dahlberg, Edward The sorrows of Priapus New Directions Book 1957
Murry, John M. New directions in prose and poetry New Directions Book 1966
Olson, Charles Selected writings New Directions Book 1966
Rimbaud, Arthur Prose poems from the illuminations New Directions Book
Merton, Thomas Raids on the unspeakable New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1960
Miller, Henry Stand still like the hummingbird New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1962
Miller, Henry On writing New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1964
Miller, Henry The wisdom of the heart New Directions Publications, Norfolk Book 1941
Fitts, Dudley Poems from the Greek - Anthology New Directions, N.Y. Book 1956
Pound, Marcella Confucius to cummings New Directions, N.Y. Book 1963
Herrick, Robert Some poems New Directions, Norfolk, CN Book 1941
Pound, Marcella Confucius to cummings New Directions, Norfolk, CN Book 1944
Rexroth, Kenneth 100 poems from the Japanese New Directions, Rutland, Vt. Book 1955
Pushkin - Lermontor - Tyutchev Three Russian poets New Directons, Norfolk, CN Book 1944

749 resources


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