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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Pascal, Blaise Pensees Modern Library Book 1941
Johnson, Joan The Perfect Order: Lorine Niedecker's Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Pound, Ezra Personae New Directions Book 1926
Niedecker, Lorine Personal cookbook Archive Document
Wagenknecht, Edward The personality of Chaucer Univ. Oklahoma Press, Norman OK Book 1958
Santayana, George Persons and places Chas. Scribner's Sons, N.Y. Book 1944
Golston, Michael Petalbent Devils: Louis Zukofsky, Lorine Niedecker, and the Surrealist Praying Mantis Article 2006
Philosophers: the Renaissance, the age of New American Library, New York Book 1961
Hawton, Hector Philosophy for pleasure Fawcett Book 1956
LaMont, Corliss The Philosophy of Humanism Philosophical Library, N.Y. Book 1957
Spinoza, Benedict de Philosophy, selected from his chief works Modern Library Book 1927
Scott, David Giles The Physiology of "Song": Sound, Meaning, and Politics in "Objectivist" Poetics PhD Dissertation 2003
Janson, H.W. The picture history of painting from cave Washington Square Press Book 1961
Wilson, Edmund A piece of my mind Doubleday & Co., Garden City, N.Y. Book 1958
Enslin, Theodore The place where I am standing: poems Elizabeth Press Book 1964
Shaw, Bernard Plays unpleasant Penguin Books Book 1961
Corman, Cid Plight, a book of poems Elizabeth Press Book 1968
Plutarch-Life stories of men who shaped history New American Library Book 1950
Wechsler, Herman J. Pocket book of old masters Pocket Books Book 1949
Speare, M.E. The pocket book of verse Pocket Books Book 1940
Caddell, Ric A Poem in It's Place Article 1984
Burns, Robert Poems and songs Dutton Book 1963
Penberthy, Jenny Poems from Letters: the Lorine Niedecker Louis Zukofsky Correspondence Article 1985
Fitts, Dudley Poems from the Greek - Anthology New Directions, N.Y. Book 1956
Cox, Kenneth The Poems of Lorine Niedecker Article 1969

749 resources


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