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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Reed, John Ten days that shook the world The Modern Library, N.Y. Book 1935
Reichert, Kathryn Rose Resting on Weedy Laurels: Lorine Niedecker's Poetics of Perseverance PhD Dissertation 2012
Reisman, Jerry Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet National Poetry Foundation Article 1996
Renoir Jean Renoir, my father Little, Brown & Co., Boston, Mass. Book 1962
Rexroth, Kenneth 100 poems from the Japanese New Directions, Rutland, Vt. Book 1955
Reznikoff, Charles Five groups of verse Author Book 1927
Reznikoff, Charles By the waters of Manhatten New Directions Book 1959
Reznikoff, Charles In memoriam: 1933 Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles Jerusalem the golden Objectivist Press Book 1934
Reznikoff, Charles Separate way Objectivist Press Book 1936
Reznikoff, Nathan Early history of a sewing-machine operator Author Book 1936
Reznikoff, Charles Inscriptions: 1944-1956 Shulsinger Book 1959
Rilke, Rainer Maria Selected letters Doubleday Book 1960
Rimbaud, Arthur Prose poems from the illuminations New Directions Book
Ritchie, A.D. Civilization, science and religion Penguin Books Book 1945
Robbins, S.A. See America free Bantam Books Book 1967
Robertson, Lisa In Phonographic Deep Song: Sounding Niedecker Article 2004
Robinson, C.A. An anthology of Greek drama, first series Holt Book 1949
Rochester, Anna rulers of America International Publishers Book 1936
Rodman, Selden 100 American poems New American Library Book 1948
Rodman, Selden 100 Modern poems New American Library Book 1949
Roisseau The confessions Penguin Books, Baltimore, MD Book 1954
Ronda, Margaret Inkpen Disenchanted Georgics: The Aesthetics of Labor in American Poetry PhD Dissertation 2009
Rosenberg, John D. The darkening glass Columbia Book 1961
Roub, Gail Getting to Know Lorine Niedecker Article 1986

749 resources


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