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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Peterson, Becky Experimentation, Identification, Ornamentation: Avant-Garde Women Artists and Modernism's Exceptional Objects PhD Dissertation 2010
Phillips, William Great American short novels Dial Book 1946
Pick, John Gerard Manley Hopkins-priest and poet Oxford University Press, N.Y. Book 1966
Pickard, Tom High on the walls Fulcrum Press Book 1967
Pinard, Mary Lorine Niedecker: Environment and a Grammar of Flooding Article 2001
Pinard, Mary Paean to Place: The Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1993
Plato Five great dialogues D. Van Nostrand Co., N.Y. Book 1942
Platt, Rutherford The river of life Simon Book 1956
Pleasants, Henry The agony of modern music Simon Book 1955
Plutarch Lives of the noble Romans Dell, N.Y. Book 1959
Pound, Marcella Confucius to cummings New Directions, Norfolk, CN Book 1944
Pound, Ezra The cantos of ____ Faber & Faber, London Book 1960
Pound, Marcella Confucius to cummings New Directions, N.Y. Book 1963
Pound, Ezra Personae New Directions Book 1926
Pound, Ezra Translations New Directions Book 1963
Pound, Ezra Active anthology Faber Book 1933
Pound, Ezra Letters Harcourt Book 1950
Pound, Ezra The classic anthology defined by Confucius Harvard Book 1954
Pratt, Fletcher A short history of the Civil War Pocket books Book 1948
Prebel, Julie Lorine Niedecker's Feminist Poetics PhD Dissertation 1994
Preece, David Review 2003
Pushkin - Lermontor - Tyutchev Three Russian poets New Directons, Norfolk, CN Book 1944
Quartermain, Peter Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet National Poetry Foundation Article 1996
Ratiner, Stephen Lorine Niedecker: Poetry in a Minor Key Article 1982
Read, Herbert The nature of literature Grove Press Book 1958

749 resources


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