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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Miller, J. Hillis The disappearance of God Schocken Books Book 1963
Morrell, Lady Ottoline Memoirs Knopf Book 1963
Siren, Osvald The Chinese on the art of painting Schocken Books Book 1963
Tolstoy, Leo Short masterpieces Laurel Book 1963
Zukofsky, Louis Bottom: on Shakespeare 2v. Ark Press Book 1963
Chichester, Francis The lonely sea and the sky Ballantine Book 1964
Enslin, Theodore The place where I am standing: poems Elizabeth Press Book 1964
Melvill, Herman Selected poems Doubleday Book 1964
Murry, John M. William Blake McGraw Book 1964
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare for everyman Washington Square Book 1964
Johnson, Samual Lives of the poets Avon books Book 1965
Metcalf, Paul Genoa Jonathan Williams Book 1965
Schlesinger, Arthur Jr. A thousand days: John F. Kennedy in the Fawcett Book 1965
Davenport, Guy Flowers and leaves Williams Book 1966
Nemerov, Howard Poets on poetry Basic Books Book 1966
Olson, Charles Selected writings New Directions Book 1966
Snyder, Gary A range of poems Fulcrum Press Book 1966
Stevens, Jolly Letters of Wallace Stevens Knopf Book 1966
Corry, John The Manchester affair Putnam Book 1967
Patmore, Derek and Marjory Whitelaw Canada Viking Book 1967
Pickard, Tom High on the walls Fulcrum Press Book 1967
Zukofsky, Louis Prepositions Rapp & Carroll Book 1967
Corman, Cid Plight, a book of poems Elizabeth Press Book 1968
Dorn, Edward Gunslinger, book 1 Black Sparrow Press Book 1968
Niedecker, Lorine North central Fulcrum Press Book 1968

749 resources


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