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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
New directions in prose & poetry, 1938 New Directions Book 1938
Murry, John M. New directions in prose and poetry New Directions Book 1966
Penberthy, Jenny The New Goose Manuscript Article 1992
Herbst, Josephine New Green World Hastings Book 1954
Humphries, Rolfe New poems by American poets Ballantine Book 1953
Derleth, August New poetry out of Wisconsin Stanton Book 1969
New Poetry Out of Wisconsin Stanton & Lee Publishers Book 1969
Wilkinson, Marguerite New voices Macmillan Book 1921
Penberthy, Jenny Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky, 1931-1970 Cambridge UP Book 1993
Peters, Margot Niedecker or Neidecker, No Longer the Question Article 2011
Toffolon, Leah Hall Niedecker's Poetics of Place PhD Dissertation 2003
Weinberger, Eliot Niedecker/Reznikoff Article 2006
Niedecker, Lorine North central Fulcrum Press Book 1968
The Norton Anthology of American Literature Norton Book 1989
The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contempory Poetry W.W. Norton Book 2003
Niedecker, Lorine Notes Archive Document
Dahlen, Beverly Notes On Reading Lorine Niedecker Article 1983
Middleton, Peter The Objectivist Nexus:Essays in Cultural Poetics U Alabama P Article 1999
Homer The odyssey Penguin Books, N.Y. Book 1947
Homer The odyssey New American Library Book 1937
Franciosi, Robert The Ojectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics U of Alabama P Article 1999
Beam,, Jeffery Old Sunflower, You Bowed to No One Article 2003
Huxley, Aldous Leonard On art and artists Harper Book 1960
Mill, John Stuart On liberty, representative government, and Oxford Book 1912
Crase, Douglas On Lorine Niedecker Article 1992

749 resources


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