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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Williams, William Carlos Selected letters McDowell Book 1957
Freud, Sigmund Letters McGraw Book 1960
Murry, John M. William Blake McGraw Book 1964
Henderson, Philip William Morris McGraw Hill Book Co., N.Y. Book 1957
Sullivan, J.W.N. The limitations of science Mentor Book 1933
Whitehead, Alfred N. Adventures of ideas Mentor Book 1933
Copland, Aaron What to listen for in music Mentor Book 1939
Ghiselin, Brewster The creative process Mentor Book 1952
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Basic selections from essays, poems & Mentor Book 1954
Fremantle, Anne The age of belief Mentor Book 1954
Whitehead, Alfred N. Dialogues, as recorded by Lucien Price Mentor Book 1954
White, Morton The age of analysis Mentor Book 1955
Santillana, Giorio de The origins of scientific thought Mentor Book 1961
Alvarez, A. The school of Donne Mentor Book 1967
Goethe The great writings of ____ Mentor Books, N.Y. Book 1958
Tate, Allen The man of letters in the modern world Meridian Books Book 1936
Maritain, Jacques Creative intuition art and poetry Meridian books Book 1953
Pearson, Hesketh The man whistler Methuen Book 1952
Creeley, Robert The whip Migrant Books Book 1957
Johnson, Hewlett The Soviet power Modern Age Books Book 1940
Joyce, James A portrait of the artist as a young man Modern Library Book 1916
Cabell, James Branch Beyond life: Dizaine des Demiurges Modern Library Book 1919
Stendahl The red and the black Modern Library Book 1926
Spinoza, Benedict de Philosophy, selected from his chief works Modern Library Book 1927
Pascal, Blaise Pensees Modern Library Book 1941

749 resources


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