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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Morrell, Lady Ottoline Memoirs Knopf Book 1963
Hemingway, Ernest Men at war Berkley Book 1942
Eastman, Fred Men of power, volume 2 Cokesbury Book 1938
Ovid The metamorphoses Viking Press, New American Library, N.Y. Book 1960
Oler, Andy Middle Ground: Literary Masculinity, Rural Space, Midwestern Modernism PhD Dissertation 2013
Bronstein, Hilda Mina Loy and the Problematic of Gender for Women Poets of the Avant-Garde PhD Dissertation 2002
Niedecker, Lorine Minn. alphabetized Archive Document
Conrad, Joseph The mirror of the sea and a personal record Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y. Book 1960
Shucard, Alan Modern American Poetry: 1865-1950 U Massachusetts P Article 1989
Emerson, Ralph Waldo A modern anthology Laurel Book 1958
Frank, Philipp Modern science and its philosophy Harvard Book 1949
Miller, Megan Modernism's History of the Earth PhD Dissertation 2012
Lindemann, Emilie More than Recipes: a Complicated Portrayal of Wifehood & Marriage in Lorine Niedecker's The Cooking Book Article
Leary, Lewlis Motive and method in the Cantos of Ezra Columbia Book 1954
Hemingway, Ernest A moveable feast Cape Book 1964
Turner, W.J. Mozart, the man and his works Doubleday Book 1938
Niedecker, Lorine My life by water: collected poems, 1936-1968 Fulcrum Press Book 1970
Zola, Emile Nana Pocket Books Book 1941
Basho The narrow road to the deep north and other travel sketches Penguin Book 1966
Duekin, Leonard The natural history of a yard Henry Regnery Co., Chicago Book 1955
White, Gilbert The natural history of Selborne Penguin Books Book 1941
Read, Herbert The nature of literature Grove Press Book 1958
Stewart, Harold A Net of Fireflies Charles E. Tuttle Company Book 1960
Moore, Marianne Nevertheless Macmillan Book 1944
The new American poetry: 1945-1960 Grove Book 1960

749 resources


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