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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Ovid The metamorphoses Viking Press, New American Library, N.Y. Book 1960
Pachter, Henry M. Magic into science: the story of Paracelsus Shuman Book 1951
Palattella, John Review 2002
Palgrave, Francis T. Golden treasury Macmillan Book 1928
Parks, Justin Michael Extending the Document: American Poetry and the Cultural Politics of Depression Documentary PhD Dissertation 2014
Pascal, Blaise Pensees Modern Library Book 1941
Pasternak, Boris Safe conduct New Directions Book 1958
Pater Farada, Lisa "Between Your House and Mine": The Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman, 1960 to 1970 PhD Dissertation 1983
Patmore, Derek and Marjory Whitelaw Canada Viking Book 1967
Patterson, Haywood Scottsboro boy Bantam Books Book 1950
Paul Hayes, Martha Bergland Increase Lapham and Lorine Niedecker Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc. Article 2015
Payne, Robert The gold of Troy Library Incorporated, N.Y. Book 1961
Payne Robert The white pony Day Book 1947
Pearson, Hesketh Dizzy Grosset Book 1951
Pearson, Hesketh The man whistler Methuen Book 1952
Peattie, Donald C. An almanac for moderns Putnam Book 1935
Peattie, Donald C. Flowering earth Viking Book 1939
Penberthy, Jenny Brief Words are Hard to Find Article 1985
Penberthy, Jenny Poems from Letters: the Lorine Niedecker Louis Zukofsky Correspondence Article 1985
Penberthy, Jenny Knee Deck Her Daisies: Selections from her Letters to Louis Zukofsky Article 1987
Penberthy, Jenny Rossetti to Sexton:Six Women Poets at Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Article 1992
Penberthy, Jenny The New Goose Manuscript Article 1992
Penberthy, Jenny The Revolutionary Word: Lorine Niedecker's Early Writings 1928-1946 Article 1992
Penberthy, Jenny Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky, 1931-1970 Cambridge UP Book 1993
Penberthy, Jenny A Posse of Two: Lorine Niedecker and Ian Hamilton Finlay Article 1994

749 resources


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