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  • Articles about Lorine.
  • Reviews of her work.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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There are 749 resources.


Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Chase, Richard Melville Prentice Book 1962
Catallus (Cai Valeri Catulli Veronen-sis Liber) Cape Goliard Press, London Book 1969
Elson's pocket music dictionary Ditson Book 1909
Gunn, Thom Review 1992
Nicholls, Peter Review 1992
DuPlessis, Rachel Blau Review 1992
Perloff, Marjorie Review 1994
Olson, Ray Review 2002
Palattella, John Review 2002
Campion, Peter Review 2002
Brady, Andrea Review 2002
Harvey, Matthea Review 2002
Volkman, Karen Review 2002
Cusac, Ann-Marie Review 2003
Preece, David Review 2003
Wagner-Martin, Linda Review 2003
Wheatley, David Review 2003
Jensen, Geeta Sharma Review 2003
Kleinzahler, August Review 2003
Levine, Stacy Review 2003
Timpane, John Review 2003
Sturgeon, Tandy Jennifer A Critical Edition of the Collected Poems of Lorine Niedecker University of Wisconsin Madison PhD Dissertation 1990
American Poetry: the Twentieth Centurey The Library of America Article 2000
Shaw, Bernard Seven one-act plays Penguin Books Book 1958
Thruelsen, Richard Adventures of the mind Vintage Book 1959

749 resources


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