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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Schweitzer, Albert Goethe: five studies Beacon Press Book 1961
Robinson, C.A. An anthology of Greek drama, first series Holt Book 1949
Rodman, Selden 100 Modern poems New American Library Book 1949
Wechsler, Herman J. Pocket book of old masters Pocket Books Book 1949
Pasternak, Boris Safe conduct New Directions Book 1958
Williams, William Carlos The desert music Random Book 1954
The religion of beauty: selections from the aesthetes Heinmann Book 1950
Carlyle, Jane W. Letters Arrow Book 1959
Churchill, Sir Winston Painting as a pastime Cornerstone Library Book 1950
Patterson, Haywood Scottsboro boy Bantam Books Book 1950
Plutarch-Life stories of men who shaped history New American Library Book 1950
Pound, Ezra Letters Harcourt Book 1950
Shakespeare Famous scenes from Shakespeare Permabooks Book 1950
Wilson, Edmund A literary chronicle: 1920-1950 Diybkedat Book 1952
Saint Augustine Confessions Pocket Books Book 1958
Keats, John Selected letters Doubleday Book 1951
Pachter, Henry M. Magic into science: the story of Paracelsus Shuman Book 1951
Pearson, Hesketh Dizzy Grosset Book 1951
Spinoza, Benedict de Spinoza dictionary Philosophical Library Book 1951
Adema, Marcel Apollinaire Heinemann Book 1954
Durrell, Lawrence Key to modern poetry Peter Nevill Book 1952
Ghiselin, Brewster The creative process Mentor Book 1952
Hubler, Edward The sense of Shakespear's sonnets Princeton Book 1952
Millay, Edna St. Vincent Letters Grosset Book 1952
Pearson, Hesketh The man whistler Methuen Book 1952

749 resources


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